State(ment) Your Purpose

I know, I know. Statement earrings are so trendy — so keeping-up-with-the-Joneses-of-fashion. But, hear me out:

I decided awhile ago that I wanted quality over quantity in my closet, so I am slowly purging my collection of all things that don’t fit the category of what I really love. (Side note: I wish I had the same discipline in my coffee intake, but I honestly drink so much coffee that my mantra here would be quality and quantity.) This also means that any jewelry and accessories that don’t fit my version of “quality” are out of the game. So, what am I going to wear now that I ditched my last pair of fake pearl studs?

My favorite current solution is the statement earring.

A pair of loud and proud earrings can go a long way in cinching together any outfit, and I am in the midst of trying out some different, more out there versions of that oh-so-trendy fringe earring that suddenly everyone with earlobes and a Pinterest were wearing in 2017.

While I don’t like jumping on the band wagon for lots of trends (which is a misnomer in my opinion, because by the time it’s labeled that it’s already on the fast track to fast fashion), statement earrings have given new life to my work-in-progress wardrobe. But first, I had to figure out what I really wanted to say with these little “statement” baubles in the first place.

When I shopped around on Lulu’s, I found this pair of gold-hooped blush fringe earrings, and I knew this was it. Suddenly, my all black ensemble of high waist jeans and a french-tucked T-shirt was greeted with a pop of pink — and my love for statement earrings was born.


They even help me out on those days when I don’t wear any makeup, because voila, everyone is looking at my decorated ears and not my blonde-and-barely-there lashes.

When you start looking for your own version of statement earrings, I suggest thinking more about what you want to pair them with before purchasing. Some of the styles I’ve seen are trying too hard to be high-fashion, and in doing so, they lose some of their personality. Go for what you think your sense of fashion and image are trying to say, and don’t look back.

If you’re looking at vibrant colored statement earrings, make sure you know what colors your wardrobe shows off the most so you can pair or contrast accordingly. And if pastels and nudes are more your flair, remember that there is no harm in branching out of your comfort zone with these earrings — they’re called “statement” for a reason.

That’s all the ramblings I have on statement earrings and why they’re one of my essentials at the moment. Keep being bold and know you are beautiful.